Second Wind Sails

One of a kind handcrafted sail goods proudly made in Gloucester, Massachusetts

Here at Second Wind Sails, we have a deep passion for honoring the importance of sustainability of our environment and health of our local economy, preserving what we have, so that those who come after us can experience the same beauty.

We are artists. We are outdoorsmen. We are constantly inspired by the world around us, continually challenging ourselves in our sports, and understand that a beautiful marriage between function and fashion is possible, and to make a change it must be done onshore in the US- which is why we continue to handcraft all of our products in Massachusetts. Moreover, we are socially and environmentally conscious entrepreneurs that know our place in this economy.

Style & Quality

Second Wind Sails was born from the art of handcrafting. We understand more than anyone the importance of quality and functionality and the level of craftsmanship necessary to exceed these standards of performance. Our mission is to bring educated, aware, and passionate outdoor enthusiasts, like ourselves, the highest quality sail bags and home accessories on the market.

Beautiful Things

Being creative and thinking outside of the box is our forte. Custom designs are our specialty. Let us bring a piece of the outdoors and your adventurous spirit into your home or with you on your next adventure. 

100% Handmade 

Here at Second Wind, we handcraft, in Massachusetts, plain and simple. Unlike a few of the other sail bag companies, we are keeping true to our roots and beliefs making sure each and every one of our products is made in Massachusetts. We source all of our materials used in production from the USA (mostly in MA!) and that is something we and YOU can feel proud of.



“Purifying the motivation is the essence of developing integrity in a person's art ”

- Wayne Lynch